Music is a vitally important part of our lives. It has the power to teach us about other cultures whilst at the same time re-enforcing our own. It can also be a very useful educational tool, a facilitator for debate and discussion and a route to understanding and appreciating alternative viewpoints. To top it all off it is a great way of tapping into children’s boundless imaginations, making them actively involved in the creative process.

In Tune Training runs bespoke music based education workshops, specifically designed and shaped around your pupil’s needs and the curriculum. Our starting point is the children, so each program is moulded with your school in mind. In addition we run a series of cross-curricular programs designed to heighten and broaden children’s learning experience throughout the educational spectrum

We deliver from ages 4 to 18, employing various techniques to engage each age group whatever their skill level. We also provide staff CPD sessions to provide realistic sustainability for each project.

Music and literacy: Understanding language through musical storytelling and song writing.
Music and Maths: Challenging the complex concept of number using music as a tool.
Soundscapes: Exploring musical montages
Creative Ideas: How can you develop a new idea?
Compositions: Unlocking the building blocks of the creative process
The art of Improvisation: Making it up on the spot
Song writing: The ultimate in self expression.
World Music: African songs, Balinese Kecaks, Traditional European folk tunes, Blues.
Understanding Rhythm: Introducing pulse and time signatures.
Let’s sing: Singing from around the world, parts singing.